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Happy Thanksgiving from TheRustySpittoon!
Yesterday, 10:40 AM - No Replies

[Image: turkey_day.png]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We know you guys have a few days off and are going to be tired of spending time with your family after an hour. Get some grub and sneak away to your computer and spend the holidays with us!

We wiped early this morning so you guys can spend your time off early in the wipe rather than halfway through Thanksgiving day.


Update: Get off my porch edition.
11-22-2015, 04:30 AM - No Replies

[Image: get_off_my_lawn.png]

We've have some exciting changes and updates that have been happening over the past week! A New donator kit has been added that will aid you guys in protecting your magnificent bases. The "Defender" kit can be found on our donations page here. Quarry rates and damage to external stone walls have now been modified. Many of you have made many different suggestions regarding these two topics and we have found a nice medium that the whole server can enjoy. We've added the M249 to the custom Helicopter loot, also the damage of helicopters is permanently reduced automatically even after server restarts. No more extremely over powered attack choppers flying around immendiately after the restarts. Iceberg bases and glitched rock bases are against the rules and are added to the server rules message when joining our server. Last but not least we would like to announce our New TeamSpeak 3 Server! Open to all users of our servers, premuim channels will be coming soon for clans and other people who want private channels.
    Touching base on the topic of the recent server crashes and rollbacks, there is and always will be a memory leak with Rust, we've accepted it. Facepunch has claimed to have fixed multiple memory leaks on several occasions. These leaks cause our server to run at 100% cpu and eventually crash. This crash will lead to a rolback for reasons unkown to us. Our server saves every 10 minutes and we check them as much as physically possible and still can't avoid them completley. We are not the only modded server experiencing these types of issues, its unfortunate but it is something we will have to deal with for now.

    Friendly reminder to encourage your friends on the server to register to the forums, follow our twitter and join the Steam group. We are so close to reaching our 100 registered user goal and excited to give away these steam cards. Keep an eye out for random events and challenges that will be showing up on the server either announced or unannounced. We have huge plans regarding events and other challenges and just want people to have fun while participating. Prizes will normally include Resources, Weapons, Ammo or even personal requests or kits.


Man In The Sky Event!
11-12-2015, 04:38 PM - Replies (5)

[Image: themaninthesky.jpg]
Find and defeat the Tower, Solve the riddle, follow the red coins and find The Man In The Sky to claim your prize!

Name the Origin of the tower in this thread first to win a separate prize!

Enjoy the treasure hunting!!!!

100 Registered Users Giveaway!
11-07-2015, 01:48 AM - Replies (3)

[Image: 100users_giveaway.jpg]

100 Registered Users Giveaway challenge.

The Rusty Spittoon is pleased to announce our 100 member challenge giveaway. The Prizes will include a $10 Steam wallet card, Personal kit for you and your friends for 2 entire wipes (or for yourself if you decide not to share it!). Winners will be selected between the first 100 users registered to our forums or following us on twitter. So hurry and tell your friends!, this opportunity wont last long. The Entire server will be receiving a reward the moment we receive 100 users on both the forums and twitter in the form of a new kit. A daily kit that packs a little more punch then the normal one you're used to, that will last for 2 weeks. As bonus prize if we reach 100 users in The Rusty Spittoon Steam Group a random winner will be selected among the Steam group members and will win a 5$ Steam wallet card.

Summary : The first 100 users registered to the forums and or twitter will be given the opportunity tin win a $10 Steam wallet code and a personal kit. Also the entire server will get a new two week kit!
The first 100 users who join The Rusty Spittoon Steam Group will get the chance to win a 5$ Steam Wallet code.

Rules: Only 1, do not make multiple accounts to better your chances. I will be investigating and monitoring the registered users and you will be caught and disqualified from the giveaway if you decide to do so.

Server Changes
10-29-2015, 10:57 PM - No Replies

After much consideration, we have removed the DayVote plugin due to issues with it and the helicopters spawn cycle. To help alleviate the change we have lowered the night length back to 5 minutes also reducing the day length from 60 to 15, this will cause more days to pass and hopefully promote more helicopter battles. MegaLoot a.k.a BetterLoot will be re-enabled after the 2:00 am restart on 10/30/2015. There will be a poll on the forums regarding the BetterLoot plugin in its direct relation to lag on the server. More info will be posted in the poll thread later on this week. Enjoy the changes and.. get the choppa!!

Here at The Rusty Spittoon we focus on maintaining a fast-paced, accelerated environment that allows players to jump right into the action with very little grind. Our goal is to bring you the best Rust experience possible focusing on the things that matter. Although we’re a modded server we don’t believe in changing core mechanics of the game. We may adjust things to better fit the pace of an accelerated environment, but we’ll never remove an aspect from the game entirely.